"Seeing with your eyes, and feeling with your heart, is what gives the mind experience."
T L Holliday


Life is a blur if you let it pass you in a foot race


Black Sheep

In a group of even numbers,
I'm the only
One who sprouts in the garden of fruits
As a carrot,
Given to the man that sees everything,
Except that of the motion he makes
To deny that of which he asked,
Therefore he created
The fireball in the midst of planets and stardust,
As they gaze down upon a spot of white in a field of green
Grass, clipped by the teeth of the barn residents,
None of whom share the dominant appearance,
Of the recessive gene that blossoms into an anemone
In a field of yellow carnations,
Which soon are crushed beneath a strolling black sheep


It's hard to lower your expectations of people when you know they can do 110 times better


Missing You

I need distractions.
Things that will numb me; daze me; demagnetize me.
Something to switch me off
Because missing you is like pulling apart magnets;
So fused together it's a seemingly impossible task
Until it gives way, and in that split second
You're overjoyed
At the success of the sheer force used to rip them apart.
The thought of two wholes fighting to cling together so hard to make a bigger better whole?
Well that's more devastating than not having the strength to even pick up the magnets in the first place.


I can taste the universe on my lips as I take my first steps into freedom



Starting at two separate ends
Gradually sliding closer and closer
To each other
By the sheer force of its
Electric pull,

And when finally
That immediate *snap*
Jump starts your


You can't schedule creativity, it happens when it happens


R. E. D.

Red is what I see every time I look at you,
It never fails to bring out the monster in me,
For you get under my skin with such ease,
It's not how I wish to live any longer,
I need to be free from you and all this anger,
But neither space nor time will grant me that wish,
Sometimes I believe it's some form of punishment,
What for I have no clue,
But then again maybe it's a test or journey,
Something I'm required to get through,
In order to achieve my ultimate being,
Yet this crimson color is all I'm seeing



Speak to my soul, and my mind will answer



I could drown in the ocean between us,
What happened that made you so distant?
Was it something I did or said? It must,
for the connection we shared is now non-existent,
Salt deposits form under my eyes,
for something that should be second nature,
I crave it so much that I started to believe my own lies,
But I can't do it anymore or I'll be dead soon for sure,
It hurts more than you'll ever know,
to see you bond with another,
and share the love that siblings often show,
like how we're supposed to,
seeing as we have the same mother


It's extremely lonely to be a seeing person in a blind world


Keep Going

I can't be anything,
other than what I am,
No matter how much I learn,
I will always be the same,
It's hard,
to change how you've felt,
all your life,
Seeing as,
you stayed in the darkness,
no matter the amount of light,
You have feet,
use them to walk,
down a path to freedom,
Never look back,
for you'll be sucked into,


Understanding life on a deeper level is both a gift and a curse because you feel hopeful yet helpless; your psychological awareness is astronomical yet your physical attributions are minuscule


Do You See It?

Look at her, she's there,
Listen, you can hear her in the air,
Now feel her breath on the wind,
Come on, this is anything but pretend,
I know you feel it too,
Don't play, like you have no clue,
There's a connection you can't deny,
You can't see it yet, and I'm not sure why,
It's scary, I know,
But it's worth seeing where it goes,
Because when we're together it's effortless,
And we're just us, no one else,
We're exactly the same in the most opposite ways,
And it's all I can think about most days,
She feels inevitable to me,
But I fear I'm looking into the future blindly,
Only because I see what it could be,
Instead of realizing she may never be ready,
So I must back away from this once again,
To see if we both make it to the end


Be as you as you can be


Why This or That?

Walking down the middle of the road,
Because you don't fit in on either side,
Though from birth you've already been made up,
Not given a say in the decision of your own life,
They say you're this because you have that,
But does that really mean this?
Does having one thing or another make you any less of something,
Or is that all just unnecessary labeling?
It's an obsession, to pinpoint every little thing,
And an unspoken truth, that everything is on a spectrum,
Not everything is black or white,
But more of a gradient from white to rainbow,
It's ok to not know where you fall,
As long as you know where you don't


Wanting is one thing, but wanting and expecting to receive when you don't necessarily deserve is another


Walk With Me

A dark wet road lies ahead,
But if only I could reach the end,
Would you be waiting for me there?
Is this journey worth all my despair?
It's a lonely walk through this universe,
Some days it's peace inducing and others it's a curse,
A bright smile and warm energy can go a long way,
Every day could be like seeing the world for the first time if you just stay,
For you give me life as I give you me,
How at night the stars kiss the ocean in unity,
Send secrets in the wind and touches through the sun,
Lead me to you and I promise I'll run,
Take my hand, don't ever let go,
Or I might fall right down the rabbit hole,
Caress my heart with gentle words,
And here I'll dance, forever yours


There's so much more underneath it all; you just have to care enough to scratch away the surface



Pulsing in midnight air,
Rhythm in the wind,
Flutters here and there,
Minuscule in measure,
Oceans in essence,
Flooded with melancholy,


People will choose to come in and out of your life everyday, but don't worry about them; focus on the people who choose to STAY


The Great Chase

Running and running, but not getting anywhere,
So many steps, but somehow I'm still standing here,
Reaching out to grab something that's so far away,
But away from me is where it wants to stay,
I kept it inside for way too long,
It escaped and is searching for where it belongs,
It's near, I can feel it beating,
Can't go on forever, it's overheating,
Further it pushes away from me,
Forcing me to fall to my knees,
Hurt and bruised, but still running,
Tired and wounded, but still shunning,
Over mountains and under bridges it goes,
Changing colors, blending in, and hiding in various holes,
Going to great lengths just to escape,
Trying to hold together with just a piece of tape,
But I will catch it, you'll see,
Back in my chest is where my heart will soon be


Music isn't just a cool melody and a catchy hook
It's the mood of life; it's supposed to give you something to think about
If it doesn't go deep into your soul, ignite your insides and spark your brain alive then it isn't real music


Free Me

Like birds soaring inches above clear blue,
Cheetahs sprinting across vibrant plains,
Giselle prancing through illustrious green,
And koalas clinging to sapid bark,
I wish to be free


I live in my dreams because life is pure imagination


Break Me 

Promise on thy lips,
Bittersweet breath upon fingertips,
Whispers in the wind,
Gentle touches paint the sinned,
Bare thy soul in true bliss,
And a blind eye shalt not miss,
Confide in the night sky,
Bid thy heart goodbye,
Arms to the moon, breathe easy,
For thou shalt not break me


Never settle for good if great is just an arm's reach away


Trust what you see, what you feel, 
For what you hear is a confirmation of what you smell and taste,
Toss any and every heavy box the universe deems to be a waste,
For it will free the space to float to your higher place,
Forgive the hoarder, 
For they did not know their love isn’t meant to be shipped across the border, 
But to be set free within thee 


Never underestimate the power of your own mind



I smell you in my sheets
Like a lingering dream upon consciousness,
And it seeps into my bones,
Cleansing the marrow of its loneliness

Your smile kisses the backs of my eyelids
As the sun would the ocean at dusk,
A dark and wet reminder of its absence,
But then I remember dawn is upon us

Emptiness echoes in my chest
As if dialed down to zero,
Yet the loudest beat
Is the feeling of pulling apart Velcro


Life is like a shark; you stop moving and you die



The way I look at you when you're not paying attention,
It's hidden in the shimmer of my eyes,

When your name illuminates my phone and brightens the room,
It's the way my face rivals its radiance,

How your dimples pierce your cheeks when you flash that gorgeous smile of yours,
Is enough to pull it from my throat as a giggle of pure joy,

I feel it when you touch me and my heart is finally at peace,
And in the way my heart rages against my rib cage to return to you,

It may not be those specific three,
But you can see it as plain as you see me


Never assume to know someone because there is no guarantee that they are the same person today that they were yesterday



Soft fingers brush scalp and glide through silky strands
As warmth gathers behind eyelids and flows out to kiss knuckles,
Lips tremble as a heavy breath pours past them
With the weight of wanting and craving along for the ride,
Aches and pains rattle around an empty chest cavity
Where a strong muscle once occupied,
A comforting embrace is enough to crumble the rest to pieces
Whilst simultaneously cementing a new foundation,
And a gentle under construction sign pressed to a forehead
Signals that healing is just up ahead, a little further


If someone still wants to kiss your soul after you've spilled all your secrets, keep them


Where Do I Fit In?

Too big in a world of small dreams,
Too dim in a universe of bright stars,
A life not meant for either it seems,
Clearly written in the invisible scars,
Stuck in a time that shouldn't exist
And forced into mind imprisonment,
Helpless to the cause, but couldn't resist
The "what if" that brings excitement,
Escape the prison world of reality
And break the barrier to freedom
To create a realm of possibilities,
To be the one to gather all, and to lead them,
Lead them to choice,
A choice solely made on their behalf,
For it is their new beginning to rejoice
In a life they always dreamed to have


A seed does not ask to be planted, but it will grow into the most beautiful flower you will ever see anyway


Not Here

The wind hugs me as it breezes by,
but it is as though the earth is still,
so I stand in the open,
plain to see,
yet I feel made of glass,
and the noise of life travels to my ears as I listen,
but my rushing pulse is louder than life itself,
All my limbs work flawlessly,
so why do I feel trapped in a statue,
and why do the days continue to rapidly fall off the calendar,
as I'm cemented in space and time,
Now nothing makes sense anymore,
and I can't grasp the rope of reality,
I'm falling way too quickly


You are only as beautiful as your heart deems you to be


I Can't Do This

You pushed past me, that's why you can't see, the future and all it could be,
You can't even look, at the pages in our book, and all the steps we already took,
I know I'm not delusional, ok maybe just a little, but I can't just let this fizzle,
I need to know if this is real, or at least how you feel,
Actions speak louder than words right, is that why you have your eyes shut tight, so you don't have to admit that I'm your light,
I fear we ended before we even had a chance, and I really don't know how to end this dance,
What should I do, seeing as you have no clue, as to how much I really want you,
How do I get over this, because clearly it isn't a hit or miss,
The connection is there, I know you feel it too, I swear, but owning up to that you won't dare,
I'm not one to give up or back down, until I'm awarded a crown, but this time I might just drown


Throughout life you come to love and hate words because in the end they're all you have


Wish for Me

Like tree roots deep in the ground I wish to bury my fingers in your hair,
As I get lost in the vast ocean of chestnuts swimming in your eyes,
To feel the plush sweetness of your lips against my burning skin,
That send thousands of tiny lightning bolts through every nerve ending,
Hearing the faintest 'I love you' in the passion of your kiss,
Leaves me with scorch marks the length of my spine,
Alight my body for it is a dark cave waiting for exploration,
Caressing the walls and whispering its secrets illicit the most beautiful sounds,
To bottle this essence and hold it forever is your only wish,
For you have nothing to yearn, but ask and your wishes will be true


Strength like fire, courage burns, 
But resolve like water, uncertainty flows


How Fine Are You?

Ever feel like no one cares? 
Like no one even tries to see past the fake smiles or recognize the hurt in your eyes?
Like they just accept that everything is fine because that's what you tell them?

Are you ever tired of this feeling?
To the point where you just want to scream that no, everything is not fine, you are not ok.
To say, look at me, like really look at me and tell me if you think I'm fine.

Do you ever want to sit there and tell them about all the pain they've caused you?
About how it feels like a knife sliding into your chest every time they ignore you or dismiss something you say.

Have you ever stopped yourself from doing that because you know half way through your voice will crack?
That once you open the flood gates there's no stopping it.
That you'll undoubtably break down.

Can you ever allow yourself to be that vulnerable?
To completely open up like never before.
To look them in the eyes as you open every wound they've ever given you.

But more importantly, will you ever forgive yourself for doing this after they walk away?
After they still don't get it.
After they continue to make you bleed every chance they get.


Only in a moment of happiness can one truly see how broken they are


Find Me

Dazed in heavy thought,
Running wild and not yet caught,
There one minute then gone the next,
My existence leaves an imprint of text,
Drifting in and out of despair,
Soaring high above in the cool air,
Here and there I will appear,
You might even witness a tear,
Or will you,
You see nothing because you're forced to,
You didn't even see me,
I was nowhere to be,
Invisible to your naked eye,
And I do not understand why,
Am I lost or just forgotten,
Left in a paper bag with an apple that was rotten,
I sit here with no sound,
Pleading and begging can I be found


Words are innocent until manipulative people use them


My Heart Yet My Soul

Lonely yet warm,
Whole yet torn,
Needing, wanting, longing for love,
Sitting and waiting for the sign from up above,
Bent and folded to make pretty creases,
But now it's broken and shattered to pieces,
Empty yet full,
Daring yet impossible,
Scared, frightened, and afraid,
All because it has been betrayed,
Lost and without direction,
Now vulnerable and with no protection,
Careless yet thoughtful,
Blind yet insightful


Honesty isn't always a strength; at the worst of times it can be your greatest weakness


Ghost of Love

Flutters on the left side,
Heavy beats along for the ride,
Pink and white blend in upturn,
Sweet puffs escape to yearn,
Certainty stains deep pigmentation,
Swirls of brightness linger in compulsion,
Fleeting caresses across rising flush,
Sparks exchange as pointers brush,
Except, no essence is detected,
Returned warmth and aura are neglected,
Whispers are a figment of the imagination, 
It was all a fabrication,
Confusion mars sanity,
For the clasp of its authenticity,
Disappointment in the exhale,
But hope floats in its trail,
The mirage of the experience hurts the most,
For the love I feel is a ghost