White History Month

Ever overhear a teacher bitch about having to do an assignment for black history month and then laughingly say something about why isn’t there a white history month? Ever had to bite your tongue. Ever had to hold back from going on this long tangent about white privilege? 

About how once upon a time black people were bought and sold amongst white men. Colored people were told what to do and beaten if done incorrectly by white men. They were raped and slaughtered by white men. Then black people were freed from slavery only to be chased and hanged in the streets all thanks to white men. Being afraid and having to look over their shoulders when out at night because of white men. Not being able to find work because everything was owned by white men. Having to endure derogatory names and racial slurs spit out at them by white men. Having separate bathrooms, water fountains and schools, separate everything because white men thought them lesser human beings. 

Ever had to stop yourself from saying,

“When white men have to fight for their birth rights because they were taken away, are hosed down and spit at or beaten and killed because of the color of their skin then come talk to me about why there isn’t a white history month. 

That if you really have to ask that question then you have absolutely no business being a teacher.”?

I have.

Racism is very much a real thing and is still alive to this day, whoever says otherwise is probably white and/or racist. Why isn’t there a white history month? Because we’re taught about white history every day