Time To Move On...

Soon will mark the end of a very long exhausting chapter in my life, and the beginning of a bright new one. I've recently gone through some self discoveries and spiritual awakenings that have changed me completely and gave me the incentive to seek where I belong. All my life I've felt like the odd one out where ever I was, like no one really understood me. I always knew that this place I grew up in was a blackhole, it sucks everyone into it and keeps them there, and I was afraid that I wouldn't make it out alive.

And at almost 23 years old, I find myself falling into that trap; working a full time job with decent pay and benefits, buying a car, looking for a condo to invest in, and worrying about bills, then rinse and repeat. I'm doing exactly what I was afraid of, and I'm so glad that I realized it at a young age. So with all this new incite, I've been thinking a lot about what I want to do from here, and came to the conclusion that it's time to move on. In two weeks I will have quit my job, and will be able to focus on my art, something that I should have already been pursuing. I believe with no other distractions and work obligations I'll be able to make my way into that business and be in a state of happiness.

Now, I'm not naive enough to think that I can get anywhere without any money, that's just the way it works right now, unfortunately. But that is something I have planned ahead even if I don't have a completely detailed plan about what I'm going to do just yet. So money isn't an issue, figuring out where I want to go is. I've been thinking either New York because it's close, but I also love NY, Cali because I absolutely love it there and it feels more like home, Canada because they have free healthcare and everyone is nice lol, or just travel for a while, go everywhere. 

I don't plan on leaving until after March, so I still have a little time before I really have to decide. I'm confident that the universe will treat me right and lead me where I'm supposed to go seeing as I'm taking my first steps in the right direction. I'm done with thinking and worrying about what to do, especially when it comes to what the government and society wants me to do, I'll just let my heart guide me.

Follow your heart isn't a famous phrase for nothing, you know.

So if you'd like, stay tuned for updates on what I'm doing and where I'll be going.

Namaste...except I'm gonna go (sorry that was corny)